Instructions for use Varikosette

Varikosette cream against varicose veins - Instructions for use

how to use?

Varikosette combats varicose veins in every stage of disease complexity. However, according to experts, one should not delay treatment of the disease, as this can lead to more complex diseases of other organs. This cream is also suitable for disease prevention. It offers elasticity, relieves swelling, has a pleasant smell and, after application, a pleasant freshness and lightness.

Varikosette is a certified product that has been shown to be beneficial in clinical studies. According to leading experts in the field of phlebology, the result is noticeable after the first month of using the cream.

In fact, the tool is absolutely easy to use. The application takes place in three steps without support:

Instructions for use
  • The first step is to prepare the skin for application.Before applying the cream, the skin should be clean and slightly damp so that the product can be better absorbed. Moisture has a beneficial effect on the faster interaction of the active ingredient with the focus of the disease. According to experts, a small area around varicose veins should also be covered
  • Second step - applicationVarikosette should be used with clean hands and gentle massage movements. The patient independently regulates the amount of cream applied per application, listens to his own body and pays attention to the absorption process. Varikosette should be used 2 times a day. In addition, for a faster recovery, you should get rid of bad habits, do daily exercises, massage the foci of the disease.
  • The third stage is waiting for the resultIndeed, the result will not be long in coming, the manufacturer claims that it will be observed after the first use of the cream. All you have to do is control the complete absorption of the Varikosette!

Indications and contraindications

Unfortunately, not a single person is immune to varicose veins. The following are some of the most common symptoms of the disease:

  • frequent swelling of the limbs;
  • difficulty walking;
  • constant pain and heaviness in the legs;
  • frequent cramps;
  • unhealthy appearance of the legs;
  • complaints after prolonged physical activity;
  • unstable emotional state;

If at least one symptom of the disease coincides, treatment should be started immediately.

Severe forms of varicose veins occur when a person does not take care of their health and treats them negligently.

The natural composition of Varikosette has helped ensure that there are no contraindications to its use. Cream against varicose veins has, in the slightest sense, a complex effect on the disease. In addition, the remedy relieves swelling, normalizes blood circulation and improves the emotional background. Does not cause allergies.

Varikosette is not subject to any age restrictions. According to experts in Spain, this anti-varicose vein cream is the most effective among its competitors.